Debora Barr

Phone: 202-882-2010

attention pastors & ministry leaders
Do you have the resources to minister to those experiencing
same-sex attraction?

37-week Discipleship Program for Healing

for ANYONE who desires
a transformed life!
includes small group study guide

Debora's amazing story of transformation will encourage you whether you experience same-sex attraction or just want to reignite your personal relationship with God.

Welcome to the website of Minister Debora Barr.  Debora is a former lesbian who helps people who are experiencing same-sex attraction (SSA) to know that they can choose to live their lives in accordance with the Word of God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and receive His healing from the effects of SSA and sexual brokenness.  She trains families, pastors and ministry leaders to help them understand SSA, and empowers them to employ best practices to minister to people who are seeking the Lord while experiencing SSA.  Debora also teaches teens and young adults about God's design for sexuality and encourages them to make wise choices in line with biblical principles.

DBarr Ministries Mission: to speak life to those being deceived by the lies of the world!
Former Lesbian - Author & Speaker - Christian